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Hey there, my name is Margot. I'm a classically trained musician turned flower farmer! I grew up in an agricultural community and couldn't wait to grow up and leave my small town behind. I went to college and eventually earned a Ph.D. in music composition. I've taught music at universities, a high school, in my own private studio, and most recently online. I also got married and had three kids, one of whom has autism and needs to do school from home. A few years ago, I realized that what I really needed to balance the demands of my life was to spend more time outside with my hands in the dirt, like I did as a kid. I loved learning about all things plants and fell down a the cut-flower rabbit hole, learning all I could from anywhere I could find information. I transformed my yard into a little farm and constantly wish I had more land. That is how I started micro-farming in my suburban backyard. "Vox Terra" is latin for "voice of the land." I hope my flowers will be a voice that will connect people to nature.

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Why local flowers matter.

So I'm not gonna cite sources or anything here, but 80% of cut flowers sold in the US are imported from South America. For something with such a short shelf life, that just seems silly. And wasteful. And also, unlike food, those flowers aren't regulated. They are doused in pesticides to keep their uniform look. Want to eat dinner with spectracide on the table? Me neither. So, by choosing local flowers, you reduce your carbon footprint and get less exposure to cancer causing chemicals.

Additionally, along my path to cut flowers, I took a look at drought tolerant options for my landscaping and took courses on converting landscaping for water efficiency. I can't be sure yet, I estimate that I'll use 1/3 of the water growing flowers in my yard compared to growing lawn. I'm saving water by farming my yard. And supporting local biodiversity. And making something really beautiful that celebrates the rhythms of nature. Think I'm cool yet?


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